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 A professional work environment is critical to enhance our abilities and ultimately come through for our clients. At Momentum Marketing Solutions, we believe that the best way to develop a strong professional relationship between teammates is to show genuine care towards each other's growth. One of the ways we do so is by setting time aside, every Thursday night, to build relationships with our team members outside of work. Getting to know them, their significant others, and of course their goals. This helps promote team cohesion and unification. Our high-energy, positive, and supportive work environment allows employees to feel comfortable being themselves, voicing their ideas and questions, all the while having fun in their day to day roles. 


Is there anywhere you haven't been but have always wanted to go?

Here at Momentum it's not just about making money; We live to make memories and experiences as well! 

Take a look at a few places we've been in the past 5 years. 

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Scottsdale, AZ

  • Denver, CO

  • Dallas, TX

  • New Orleans, LA

  • Nashville, TN

  • Orlando, FL

  • Albany, NY

  • London, UK


"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers; but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself." -Edmond Lee

Kayla Rizzuto

Account Manager

Kayla grew up in Lisbon, CT and graduated from UCONN with a degree in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. Upon graduating, she worked at a vocational day program facility for adults with disabilities as an assistant manager.

"I chose to pursue a career at Momentum Marketing Solutions because it was easy to identify with the strong-minded, positive role models that are here," explained Kayla. She went on to add that the family-like environment is filled with driven, caring, and accepting individuals. Outside of work, Kayla enjoys DIY projects, art, and playing softball. Currently engaged, her goal is to be able to pay for her and Carl's (her fiancé) wedding in cash! Professionally, Kayla looks forward to moving into a management role and pay forward to others the same development and opportunities that she's been provided.

Austin Kerr

Account Manager

Born and raised in Grove, OK, Austin was a member of his high school's soccer team and furthered his education at Oklahoma State University. Before moving to Rhode Island, he was a supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. What drew him to Momentum Marketing Solutions was the work environment and the relationships amongst coworkers. "I realized early on that these were the type of people I wanted to be around," he explained. Being able to grow personally and professionally sealed the deal for Austin. When he's not working, you can find Austin spending time with his wife or playing FPS video games. (He's especially fond of COD.) In the next 5 years his goal is to have a million dollars saved and be leading a top performing team for one of our clients. 

Spencer Parsons

MTU Account Manager

Growing up in Wilmington, DE, Spencer has always been a Philadelphia sports fan. (We don't hold it against him.) He played baseball competitively in high school and college at The University of Delaware. After receiving his degree in exercise sciences, Spencer found himself working in the restaurant industry in numerous management positions. Upon reaching the "glass ceiling" repeatedly in that industry, he decided to find a career where his growth wasn't limited. In addition to finding the career advancement he was hoping for, Spencer enjoys the freedom that comes in his day to day work. "Being able to be self-reliant and not micromanaged is refreshing," he says. Outside of work, Spencer enjoys spending time with his partner. He loves learning about different cultures and even hopes to travel to all seven continents one day! Professionally, Spence has his sight set on becoming an entrepreneur.

William Magnuson

Managing Partner

William comes to us from Rochdale, MA. A Division 1 hockey player at UCONN, after receiving his degree in Economics, William gained experience in the restaurant industry as well as State Street Bank in Boston. What attracted him to our firm was the unlimited growth opportunity within the company and the ability to become a part of a team again. "In hockey, the better you perform, the more you will play. Here, the better you perform, the more opportunities you will receive," explained William. A die-hard fan of all Boston sports, William's personal goal is to be able to put his parents on his own company's payroll and to provide a great life for his family. By 2024, he plans to be working with clients and managers in a consultant role.

Angelica Maxcy

HR Director

A Cranston, RI native, Angelica studied general business at CCRI. With many years in the restaurant industry, a successful 6 years of direct sales and marketing experience, and an interest in budget financials and investments, she was the perfect fit to lead our HR team. Angelica was initially drawn to Momentum Marketing Solutions because of the growth opportunity and ability to increase income with experience. However, what has become the highlight to her is the job stability and the willingness of others to help build someone to their highest potential. In her spare time, Angelica enjoys spending time with her partner along with other friends and family. She even plans on taking them on an all-inclusive cruise one day! Her professional goals include owning her own brand and mentoring others on becoming financially free.  

Ben Levy


Hailing from Lincoln, MA, Ben played soccer at Lake Forest College in Illinois where he received his degree in International Studies. A former youth soccer coach, he also completed an international internship with Mead Johnson in Bangkok, Thailand. Ben enjoys all things dogs related, Boston sports and playing golf. He's passionate about developing people and says that his favorite aspect of his job is being able to watch people grow and see them accomplish things that they didn't believe they ever could. Personally, Ben's goal is to buy a house on the inner coastal area of south Florida within 3 years and start a family. His vision is to open 10 expansion offices over the next 3 years, generating over 5 million dollars annually, and to be in a position to take a top partner to a Tom Brady Super Bowl before he retires. 

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